A common problem that I come across while doing gutter cleaning in Sydney is leaking gutters. Whether it be a loose corner fitting, corroded gutters or damaged downpipe connections, leaking gutters can create a whole range of problems from moisture-related issues in the home, to slimy, slippery paths and walkways.

So what can you do about the leaks? Well first of all I would suggest removing all of the leaf debris and soil from your guttering system and valley flashings. It is important to remove all of the debris because when it comes to the next stage ‘flushing your gutters’, you don’t want to be pushing muck into your downpipes and potentially block them up.

So after the guttering is cleaned, a garden hose can be used to flush water through the system. Look out for water not flowing down the spouts, this could be a blocked pipe. Inspect corners and gutter lengths for drips. Repair or unblock as necessary.

As always we only suggest this type of work to suitably qualified persons. If you’re not experienced and certified to work at heights, don’t risk it.